Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rosemary Parmesan Polenta

Rosemary Parmesan Polenta

7 1/2 C water
1 1/2 t salt
pinch baking soda
1 t fresh rosemary finely chopped 
1 1/2 C coarse-ground cornmeal (aka polenta)

2 T unsalted butter
2 C grated Parmesan cheese
black pepper to taste

Bring water to a boil in a large, heavy bottomed pot over medium-high heat.  Stir in salt, baking soda and rosemary.   Slowly pour cornmeal into water in a steady stream, while stirring constantly.  Bring mixture to a boil, stirring constantly, about 1 minute.  Reduce heat to lowest possible setting and cover.  After 5 minutes, whisk polenta to smooth out any lumps.  cover and continue to cook without stirring, until grains of polenta are tender by slightly al dente, about 25 minutes longer. (Polenta will be loose and barely hold its shape but will continue to thicken as it cools.) Remove from heat, stir in butter and parmesan and season to taste with pepper.

**Adapted from Creamy Polenta - America's Test Kitchen
**I love polenta, so does Chloe! It's basically fancy for Grits.  It was a great compliment to these roasted root vegetables, but is also good with dishes like Grilled Pork Tenderloin!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Fave Smoothie

My Fave Smoothie

1 C frozen blueberries
1 medium carrot, peeled
2 C spinach
1/2 C plain greek yogurt (Fage or Kirkland brands)
1 T wheat germ
1 T ground flaxseed
1/2 t cinnamon
water to liking (I use about 1/2 C)
Truvia to liking (it's a natural no calorie sweetener)

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.  I like mine with a little texture, but if you are bothered by texture, add a little more water and blend like crazy!

**This little powerhouse has 250 calories, 10 g of fiber and 18 g of protein. It's a favorite lunch for me! And supposedly most of these ingredients have crazy super powers, even the cinnamon!
**Update, as of late I haven't been using the carrot....but I've been adding in a T of Udo's oil to save my body from all the damage I'm doing running! :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pepper & Onion Cream Cheese Wrap

Pepper & Onion Cream Cheese Wrap

1/2 a jar Harry & David Pepper Onion Relish
8oz cream cheese
tortillas - Costco's uncooked are my fave
grilled chicken (great marinated in Lowry's mesquite)
mango salsa

Mix the pepper onion relish with the cream cheese. Easiest with an electric mixer, but don't beat excessively.  Spread a tablespoon or two of the cream cheese mixture all over the tortilla. Place chicken, spinach, mango salsa and avocado on tortilla and roll up using the cream cheese mixture to glue the wrap shut.

Mango Salsa

2 mangoes peeled, and finely diced
1/4 C red onion finely diced
1/2 C cilantro minced
juice of 1 lime

Mix all together and let sit for at least 1/2 hour. I usually make it a day ahead and keep it in the fridge.

**My sister in law taught me this years ago and I have used it for several parties and showers.  This is my combination, but you could use almost anything as long as you use the cream cheese and relish mixture!
**You can order the relish online, or the park city outlets have a Harry & David store. Stock up. Just pouring the relish over a block of cream cheese for a dip is divine!


Crepes (makes approx 15)

3 C milk
2 C flour
4 eggs
2 T oil
1/2 t salt

In a bowl or blender, combine milk, flour, eggs oil and salt. Whisk or blend until well mixed.  Heat a lightly greased skillet. Pour in a scant (little less) 1/4 C of batter into pan and tilt pan in a circle so batter spreads to a larger circle.  Cook for 1 minute or until batter seems almost dry, flip over using spatula or fingers. Cook an additional 30 seconds. Place crepe on a plate and repeat putting parchment between each crepe.Cover with plastic wrap. Place in refrigerator.  Then next morning, fill the crepes with choice of filling (either nutella or biscoff spread) and place the whole tray of crepes in a 200 degree oven until ready to serve.  Top with fruit and cream or whatever else you like! We topped these with bananas and whipped cream!

**I love doing the crepes this way so that we can all eat at once, otherwise I'm at the table by myself and everyone is gone. Plus, I swear they stay warmer longer.
**One other trick, I warm up the filling and put it in a ziplock or a plastic piping bag, cut the corner with scissors and drizzle the filling over half of the crepe, then fold in half and half again.  It's way easier than spreading with a knife!

Bird Nests

Bird Nests

1 pkg of butterscotch chips
1 pkg rice noodles/chow mein noodles
candy "eggs"

Melt chips in a pyrex bowl, stirring every 15-30 seconds until melted.  Add noodles and stir gently to coat noodles.  Drop onto parchment lined cookie sheet and shape into a nest.  Top with any "eggs" you choose.

** I remember having these as a little girl.  I don't remember the nest in particular, but I remember the butterscotch and the noodles.  So yummy for my taste! I've made these the last two years and my kids love them!  I even make tiny ones just big enough for 1 egg.